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How We Buy Diamonds - Click here for video
We buy in cash and pay the highest prices. We have customers for every quality, good or bad, round or fancy cuts, and pay strong prices on a 
consistent basis.
In business since 1980 and can supply many references.
We buy it all! as long as it's a diamond we'll buy any size, shape, quality, or quantity. No leftovers to get stuck with and tie up your money.
We are reliable, professional, confidential and friendly.
We mass manufacture jewelry. This allows us to pay the top prices and cuts out the middle man.
We are #1 rated store in the JBT Jewelers Board of Trade. JBT ID#01778117.
We can give blind quotes right away over the phone or e-mail. We are not vague when quoting prices and stick to our quotes as long as the description of goods is accurate.