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The work sheet is a general guide for rounds and not a guarantee to the prices we pay. Prices can vary according to current market conditions, condition of the diamonds, cut quality, and accuracy of description of the goods. To verify our current buy prices please call us for blind quotes or e-mail before shipping to get a more accurate bid.

Fancy shapes and old European cuts vary in prices but are generally 25-35% less than rounds. Old minors are 48-50% less than rounds.
Melee buy prices:
Melee prices are based on a normal "mixed quality lot" with the good, bad and ugly in the parcel. The average price for melee lots is $25-35 per carat 
on 1-14 points.
Large diamond buy prices:
Prices shown below are for 1/2 cts and larger and based on eye clean SI2 clarity and G-H white color. Commercial quality goods I1 and lower clarities 
and J or lower colors can be significantly lower.
1/2 CT - 650PC
3/4 CT- 750PC
1CT- 1500-1900PC